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giving back

We're incredibly grateful for the success we've had with our small business, and have been so blessed in our journey. That's why at the end of each month, we donate 10% of profits (a tithe, if you will) to give back to the causes that matter to us.


As entrepreneurial women ourselves, we're so grateful for the opportunities we've received and would love to support other female entrepreneurs in their journeys to success. That's why we donate to Grameen America, a local organization dedicated to helping entrepreneurial women who live in poverty build business to enable financial mobility. From now on, know that your ice cream purchases are helping support over 100,000 women in breaking the poverty chain!

March Update

With the rise of anti-Asian hate crimes recently, we've been thinking about how to contribute as a proudly Asian brand. As Chinese-Indonesians moving to NYC, the Asian-American community felt like home to us, a source of comfort and familiarity. So for the next 3 months, we will be donating our 10% of profits to SafeWalks, a NYC-based app aiming to protect the elderly Asian community by escorting them around the area and protecting their safety.