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We started off by making fun ice cream flavors for ourselves before realizing that treats this good just had to be shared!

In April of 2020, one of our cofounders, Debbie, received an ice cream maker for her birthday. What started as a fun quarantine hobby quickly turned into an obsession, and before we knew it, we were creating new ice cream flavors every week to enjoy for ourselves and to gift to friends. We naturally gravitated towards Asian-inspired flavors because those were the flavors that we grew up around and love, but didn’t see much of in the current ice cream market. We realized that the joy we felt in recreating a nostalgic childhood treat into an ice cream flavor could be shared with so many others, so in July of 2020, we decided to launch Sundae Service!

  • Fun fact: we began as a small-batch, online-only ice cream store, taking pre-orders throughout the week then delivering to customers on Sundays - hence the name Sundae Service! 


We hope you enjoy our flavors just as much as we do, and if you’re familiar with our flavor inspirations, we hope they bring you a sense of nostalgia, comfort, and joy. If you’re not, we hope they surprise you and bring you excitement at discovering new flavors and flavor pairings that may seem unconventional at first, but delicious once you take a bite!


We're just two ice cream loving sisters on the hunt to create the best, most unique flavors for you to enjoy.

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